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What is $Curry?

Pepe has cooked magical $Curry that gives mystical powers of luck & wealth.

Join the $Curry community and unlock holder benefits as we pioneer our very own revolutionary Revenue-Share-Staking & Partner Utility! Stake Curry to earn more Curry, WBNB, USDT + more simultaneously, with more rewards pools coming out in the future!

About Image
About Image

The Curry Pot: Our Pioneered & Scalable High APY Multi-Staking System

Rev-Share-Staking: A portion of taxes allocated into creating new rewards pools for $Curry stakers!

Rev-Share-Staking Partnership Program: Poll contest where communities will vote on which project will receive a $1000 Investment + new limited staking pool for $Curry Holders.

The $Curry Staking Pool is the #1 most active staking pool on Pinksale!!

Curry Tokenomics

    Total/Max Supply : 150,000

    Whitelist Presale : 60.43%

    Liquidity : 34.45%

    Airdrop Marketing: 5.12%


    5% Buy/Sell Tax: Marketing/Development/CEX Listings + Rev-Share-Staking

    Zero Transaction Fees!

    Curry Treasury: 0x9d81325bB5760c0149BAEA5A21Aa6B2C85920381

$Curry Staking

    Revolutionary Rev-Share-System

    Hosted on Pinksale!

    #1 most active staking pool on Pinksale

    Zero Staking/UnStaking Fees!


Phase 1 Development

Early Alpha Whitelist/Airdrop Slots Giveaways

Influencer & Team Onboarding

Start of Hyped Whitelist/Airdrop Slots Giveaways

Social Media and Community Building

Start of Daily AMAs

Phase 2 Launch

Limited Presale on Pinksale

PancakeSwap Listing 2 hours after Presale.

Telegram Influencer Marketing Push

Twitter Influencer Marketing Push

Major Chart Listing/Updates

Curry Staking

Mass Boosted Coinfinder Listings

Phase 3 Growth

Start of Multi-Million Follower Instagram Reels Meme Page Marketing

CoinMarketCap Paid Listing

CoinGecko Listing

Yahoo Finance Listing

Flooz Trade Fiat Listing

BscScan Token Verification

Binance AMA

Start of CEX Listings

+ More! (To Be Continued)